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Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Price : PKR 1,500.00 /3-5 kg

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2000 3-5 kg Available
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Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps are hand crafted from Himalayan Salt crystals in a unique shape of their own, making every lamp different from the other. These organic Himalayan salt lamps are an excellent choice for décor at home and offices. It is commonly seen that people who are closer to nature, are happier than those who are not. There is no doubt that the busy routine we are stuck in nowadays does not allow spending time with nature. When you can’t manage being physically near to nature, a beautifully shaped natural salt lamp will do the job of compensating your loss. These lamps emit anions which purify the surrounding air and function as a cleanser. This results in detoxifying the air which becomes clean air to breathe in.

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